Q. Is Pui Tak Center the same organization as Pui Tak Christian School?

A. The Chinese Christian Union Church started Pui Tak Christian School in 1953 and the Pui Tak Center in 1994. After the Pui Tak Center was started, the school operated as one of Pui Tak Center’s programs. As the school had grown to offer classes from preschool to eighth grade, Pui Tak Christian School became a separate charitable non-profit organization in July 2017. While we continue to coordinate our services, donations for the school should be sent directly to PTCS.

Q. Where can I find information on the building’s history?

A. Pui Tak Center is located in the former On Leong Association Building, which became a Chicago landmark in 1994. The Chicago Landmark Commission’s report is available here.

Q. How can I learn more about Chinatown?

A. The best place to start is the Chinese American Museum of Chicago located at 238 W. 23rd Street.

Q. Where can I find information about the Chinese Christian Union Church?

A. CCUC-Chinatown has three congregations: Cantonese, English and Mandarin. The Sunday Service times are: Cantonese 10am (Impact Center), Cantonese 11:30am (CCUC-Main: 2301 S. Wentworth), English 9:45 am (CCUC-Main: 2301 S. Wentworth), Mandarin 9:45am (Pui Tak Center: 2216 S. Wentworth). CCUC-South is located at 3000 S. Wallace, Chicago and CCUC-West is located at 5100 Fairview Avenue in Downers Grove.

Q. What are some of the interesting places to see and visit in Chinatown?

A. Many people come to Chinatown to eat and they have over fifty restaurants to choose from. Visitors enjoy shopping along Wentworth and Chinatown Square (north of Archer between Princeton and Wentworth). Recent award-winning projects include the Chinatown Library (2100 S. Wentworth), Ping Tom Memorial Park (entrance at 19th and Wells) and Leonard Louie Field House (1700 S. Wentworth).

Q. Where can I park when I come to Pui Tak Center?

A. Pui Tak Center does not have a parking lot. There is nearby free residential parking, metered street parking ($2 per hour) and two Chinatown Parking lots located at the NE corner of Wentworth/Cermak and NE corner of Wentworth/Archer. Public transportation close to Pui Tak center include the CTA Red Line and CTA Buses ( #21, #24, #62)