Adult Education and Training

English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)

Pui Tak Center has one of Illinois’ largest community-based programs, annually serving around 1200 adult students. Students have a variety of goals including getting a better job, becoming a U.S citizen or conversing with those outside of Chinatown. We offer ESL classes at six different levels from pre-literacy to advanced. Our Citizenship class helps students prepare for their naturalization interview. Classes are offered weekday mornings and evenings. Late morning classes include conversation and pronunciation. 

Adult Volunteer Tutoring

Most of our Adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students have few opportunities outside the classroom to practice their English. PTC's Adult ESL Tutoring Program pairs students with a tutor for one-on-one sessions every week. We also have volunteer teachers who teach supplemental classes on the weekend so students can expand upon what they learn in the classroom. Participants not only get to practice their English but many tutors and students become good friends.

Computer Center

Leaving behind family is hard, smartphones and tablets now make it so that families can stay in contact despite being thousands of miles apart. Pui Tak Center's Basic Computing class walks students through instant messaging services, email and online translation. Our instructor works closely with students to help them learn the various functionso of their personal devices.

Food Service Sanitation Certification

For many immigrants, their first job is in a Chinese restaurant. Some move on to find other work but many make the food industry their career. Regardless of whether you are a worker or manager, training is needed and certification required. Pui Tak Center's Restaurant Sanitation courses gives students the tools they need to succeed in the food industry. Courses are offered in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.


Children and Youth

Children Program

Learning shouldn't stop after class hours. Our popular After School Program allows children to expand upon what they learned under the guidance of experienced tutors. On weekends, we offer Mandarin, Abacus, and ESL lessons to enrich what they may learn during lessons. And finally, summer is no time to be losing out. We partner with Pui Tak Christian School in organizing the JSP Jumpstart program to expand upon what chilren learned during school.com.

Youth Program

Immigrant youth lack the resources and support systems that American youth take for granted - like after school tutoring and enrichment programs. After arriving in the U.S. many immigrants find themselves thrown into a bustling American high school with no idea what to do next. PTC's Youth Program offers activities and classes and how to specifically help them transition into schools and also prepare them for adult life in America.

Music Program

Pui Tak Center offers individual music lessons in piano and violin at an affordable price for families that want to introduce their children to music.


Community Programs

New Immigrant Services

Immigrants are unfamiliar with most aspects of living in Chicago. Our New Immigrant Services provides information on questions that immigrants have, refers to appropriate services and provides assistance on a range of immigration issues. In addition to helping immigrants solve their daily problems, we organize educational workshops (health, immigration and school system) and community service projects (tax preparation and flu shots).

Disability Services

Our Disability Services provides individualized support and training to families affected by disabilities through two programs. Our "1 Corinthians 1:27" Support Group meets regularly to foster relationships so that families can support each other. Poiema Community Day Services supports and trains families who receive government funds that enable family members to receive services in their home and community



Many of the people who come through the doors of Pui Tak Center have very little exposure to Christianity. The Outreach Ministry, in partnership with Chinese Christian Union Church, tends to their spiritual needs through a variety of activities. Every Monday, the Yunn Fook Home is a welcoming place where community members enjoy a welcoming place where friendships are made and the Gospel is shared. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter outreaches share the spiritual message behind these celebration. The Summer English Bible Class uses Bible stories to teach ESL.